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Multiple measures to boost Shanxi culture, tourism

Source: chinadaily Time: 14 02,2023

Culture and tourism departments across North China's Shanxi province will implement a series of measures to stimulate recovery and development of the local culture and tourism market.

The province will learn from past experiences and practices and will integrate culture and tourism in developed areas, enhance Shanxi's service industry capabilities, boost businesses engaged in culture and tourism sectors, and optimize the supporting services of the three tourist highways along the Yellow River, the Great Wall and the Taihang Mountains.

It will strive for national preferential policies, and will attract more national-level projects to be started in the province.

Shanxi will expand its cultural and tourism enterprises, increase its supply of cultural and tourism products, and improve the satisfaction of tourists.

In addition, it will cultivate multi-skilled professionals in cultural and tourism sectors, so as to provide diversified and high-level intellectual support services for the province's cultural and tourism development.