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Shanxi metropolises listed as modern circulation cities

Source: Time: 29 09,2022

North China's Shanxi province will adopt the local cities of Taiyuan, Datong, Changzhi and Linfen as modern circulation fulcrum cities to build a modern circulation network, the Shanxi Development and Reform Commission announced on Sept 22.

The modern circulation industry usually includes the aggregate of all enterprises involved in economic circulation activities, covering all circulation elements such as business flow, logistics, capital flow, and information flow.

The commission said fulcrum cities would advance the layout of a modern circulation infrastructure. Moreover, they would promote the aggregation of circulation elements, deeply participate in the regional and domestic and foreign industrial divisions of labor and cooperation, and cultivate new growth poles for the province's economy.

As a fulcrum city in the national circulation strategy, Taiyuan will build various service platforms for international procurement, international trade, cross-border e-commerce, China-Europe freight trains, and multimodal transport.

It will strengthen the interconnection with the fulcrum cities and the national circulation strategy and overseas circulation nodes, as well as lend support in developing an influential consumption center and logistics industry cluster.

Datong will integrate regional commercial logistics resources – including beef, mutton and dairy products – improve bulk commodity trading and logistics collection and distribution facilities, and strengthen cross-border e-commerce and other logistics organizations.

Meanwhile, the city will cooperate with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region to carry out cross-regional business logistics operations and to realize the consumption upgrades in northern Shanxi and the surrounding regions.

As a comprehensive transportation hub in southwestern Shanxi, Linfen will build a logistics supply chain platform for coal, ore and other bulk commodities. It will integrate regional agricultural products and cold chain logistics resources, as well as support the economic and industrial expansion and development of southwestern Shanxi.

Changzhi, on the other hand, will rely on its role as a comprehensive transportation hub in southeastern Shanxi to open up inter-provincial circulation channels to surrounding areas, such as Henan province.

It will also integrate regional agricultural products, e-commerce express and other commercial and trade logistics resources, and undertake the transfer of commercial and trade logistics in the central plains urban agglomeration.